Day 43: The Ebola.

I knew there was Ebola in the Democratic republic of Congo, I knew Ebola was in the east and I knew it killed thousands via a fever so intense that the infected person hemorrhages to death.

Ebola. Not the Pokèmon I want to find out here.

I accepted some uncertainties when I decided to pursue this particular African adventure, those “uncertainties” were relegated to rebel militia suddenly road blocking my path of travel and robbing me.

Or being mistaken as a wealthy expat and extorted for money, via violence.

I came to terms with these possibilities, and decided to proceed anyway.

Now that I’m in Uganda, close to the border where the first Ebola positive Ugandan was discovered a few days ago, I’m getting nervous.

It seems that whenever I discover an antidote to my fears, circumstances manifest to create a more dangerous challenge, and the cycle begins again.

I genuinely think that once I strategize a solution to the Rebels and Ebola, scientists will discover extraterrestrial dinosaurs living in Parc Natonal des Virunga.

I’ve also been thinking about how to dress for the Ebola problem.

Do I wear a face mask and gloves over the border like a Chinese hypochondriac?

Will that scare people?

From what I’ve read and herd there’s a hand full of medical professionals administering “vaccines” dressed like the people that took E.T and Elliott to the lab (once E.T turned into a powdered doughnut).

I don’t want to be the guy who makes a sensitive situation more difficult. So maybe fake hands, Chubs style, so I can still touch hands and a ascot, always on the ready, incase I need to go incognito.

So, after I distill the risks versus rewards, What’s going to the Congo worth to me?

The rainforest? The remoteness of it all, the Pygmy population all gesture my curious nature like a feather between my toes.

Even as I sit here in Gulu listening to locals sing and dance in the forest in what I can only describe as the most African set and setting possible, I’m not satisfied.

Just a thought.

How the fuck did Ebola just appear in east Congo anyway? Does it have anything to do with the unchecked population growth in that region?

-Cue the theme to X-files.





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