Day 95: Extra Extra!

At 7:19 am on August 9th 2019, a small independently funded planetary observatory located near San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, discovered a large asteroid – named Opus Finale, break from Jupiters gravitational pull.

The International scientific community has verified the discovery.

Dr Lauren Faher, the official spokesperson for NASA stated, “After testing over 3,800 impact simulation scenarios our office has concluded, with a high degree of probable certainty, an astroid the size of Australia will impact Mars on August 20th.”

The impact will be cataclysmic to the martin terrain.” She said, during the emergency press conference.

Our algorithm predicted that the metrological impact(s) to earth as a result of the Mars impact, will be substantial. The extent of which will have disastrous global repercussions.

These impacts will initiate an extinction event not documented since the Jurassic era.” She stated on Thursday.

The initial earth bound impact(s) will occur on the Korean Peninsula, Pacific Ocean, Canada and the USA.

In a surprising press conference, Sheila Torez, the official spokesperson for DARPA has announced a unilateral effort with the Chinese government and an independent extraterrestrial body, unknown to any scientific community, United Nations or public agency before the discovery of Opus Finale.

The head of the alien group, Steve, released a statement through the Nobel community in Geneva this morning.

Welike friends why Ross and Joeynot hook up they make hotbaby

Analysts have determined the alien advantage, will unfortunately not be useful in securing our existence.

-this could have happened. That’s the beauty of being completely isolated from the hive mind of civilized world order.

I’m alone out here.

Anythings possible.





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