Day 115: World 8-3

After 3 weeks of beautiful, profound, spiritually awakening adventure, I’ve arrived in Kinshasa.

And everyone looks like a version of King Kupa.

Looking out at the moving landscape before me I’m energized with a feeling similar to tension.

Being on a boat for this long has had an incredibly relaxing effect on me.

Now, thrust into a busy port in one of Africa’s most notorious countries, I’m overwhelmed to say the very least.

This guy is clicking two empty Fanta bottles together repetitively!

God dam.

Just when my conscience downgrades the stimulant, this guy changes the rhythm and tone, keeping my butthole tiiiiight.

Also, there’s a very beautiful girl sitting below me with an ass like I have never ever seen before.

This ass could have starred in The NeverEnding Story.

It could have played Falcore, the Ass Dragon.

It just occurred to me I’m triggered.

I’ve been suppressing the idea of sex for so long, that now I’m noticing things that yesterday, were background blur.

This chicks butt for example.

I have to take a photo.

Just wait.

Something about her

Everything about her.

She’s absolutely like nothing I’ve ever seen before, a diamond in this Congo Ruff.

When I look at her, I feel primal. I can’t talk to her or identify with her, but she is a woman, and I, a man.

I was designed by nature to fit into her and her onto me.

This feeling is powerful bro.

It’s magic to be a man.

A real blessing.

My poor Ethiopia dress pants.

Blood stained (from slicing my finger with a razor blade as I was cutting gauze to treat my friend, the priests, lacerated leg).

Olive oil stained (from my attempt to make the crew authentic Canadian Pasta).

Now these seams are being tested.

I’m happy of course to be in Kinshasa, but I’ve grown to love the Singa Mwanbe.


It’s my home, and it’s people my family.

Au revoir et merci pour l’expérience de ma vie.





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