Day 140: “You see there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughter house that was once known as humanity” -M. Gustave

I’ve been conditioned culturally to know and expect that I have rights.

While developing in Canadian culture, I’ve acquired the gift of successfully articulating my expectations regarding these supposed inalienable rights.

For example.

My understanding regarding the possession of a Valid passport and Visa was that I have permission to travel in the country where my visa was issued.

If I’m prevented from that permission, I have to be told why.

I have to be charged with a crime or infraction worthy of impeding on my freedom.

If I’m imprisoned, my embassy must be notified, otherwise I have been kidnapped.

In which case, I am at the mercy of Allah.

But to be kidnapped by several generals and the Congolese CIA

Is something I never thought could happen.

This is a land of both blatant and camouflaged corruption.

Dangerous suspicion.

Greed like I have never experienced before.

Total un checked brutality.

In a sense, it’s apocalyptic behaviour.

End of times instinct.

You must be hard here.

Africa will challenge every single spring your identity depends on for nourishment.

You must protect yourself.

You can not be fearful of anything.

In this way, I’m better prepared for what yields lay in wait, tomorrow and beyond.

The Canadian embassy here in Kinshasa was upset by my imprisonment, no one notified them except for Thierry, my Lawyer, on Monday.

So three days of repeatedly demanding my Embassy be contacted, WERE verified to have been ignored.

The Canadian consulate was informed on Wednesday that I was released?

Which was a fucking lie.




Denis, Counsellor et Consul for the Ambassade du Canada recorded my tale.

Afterward, I told him I’m going to Morocco through West Africa.

“I advise against it” he said.

There are countries more dangerous than Congo.”

He told me he considers me a high risk Traveller.

Thank you Denis, I said.

What a wonderful compliment!


He gets me.





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