Day ♥️: Wish.

What do you mean, that’s all?”

I wish people were as interesting as the books they read.

Or the saucy texts they send”, I admit shyly, hoping I’m not alone in my desire for a better world, praying she doesn’t need to be recruited.

“Maybe we see the world through rose colored glass?”

I say, folding upwards, saluting the shoulder gods.

The guy flipping through “What Does The Bible Really Teach” probably isn’t the stoic intellectual or religious abolitionist I’m projecting him to be.

He’s a father of two.

Lost and afraid, but satiated, after eating a whopper combo.

King sized.

The pages providing him some ancillary relief for a life he has no gumption to endure.

A whopper for a mind.

A particle of detached solace in this crazy fucking world.

This mad house.

Carnaval of fear and the wax figurines of almost human.


But these plastic enhancements have “jobs“, they have air quotations, they even have little dogs, that scuba.

Bubbles died shortly after this photo was taken.

Don’t insult the wax bro.

All hail, lord Polyethylene Terephthalate.

Where do you keep the floating island during the Michigan winter, Bro?

The devil we know.

But refuse to see.

As for that other thing, the human.

“I just wish she was as interesting as the books she reads.

Or the saucy texts she sends.

I just wish.

That’s all”.





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