Day 293: Goodbye Africa.

Well that was an intense experience.

So much has happened to me here, backpacking across the continent, that retrospection is making me emotional.

Tres emo.


Exposure to objective racism,

on a fairly daily basis has had an effect on me, I must confess.

An effect I measure by this new hesitance to trust strangers.

In my darkest hours, like the jail times, I even questioned the necessity of humanity.

I’m ashamed to admit.

That was rock bottom for Bobby.

As I look out now, onto this beautiful blue village, nested in the valley of steep green, hash ripe mountains, I’m in awe.

I couldn’t imagine a better place to conclude my life changing adventure through Africa.

Of course I have criticisms.

But, I also have true appreciation for my experiences here.

The issue, in my opinion, in need of the most focus, is tourism.

I believe positive change for every country on the African continent is possible, if tourism is embraced by both countries and the individual.

There were weeks when I didn’t see a single foreigner.

Being a white man in Africa was more embarrassing at times than exciting.

Where the fuck are all the white people?” I would sometimes say to myself.

I know you’re out there.

Billions of you.

Just not here.

Being exposed to you, is enough to effect change on a person and their world.

More people.

More change.

Not sponsorship schemes, NGO initiatives, or Gary flying to Lumbashi, Congo to sign mineral appropriation contracts, either.


A regular person.

Wearing your style of clothes.

Speaking your language.

Asking for chop sticks at a food stall.

Exposing the differences in cultures, means there are options.

This, I believe, is the path to real freedom.

First one Africa, then one Earth then who knows, understanding Dolphins!

So, get out there.

It’s worth it.

Pinkie swear.





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