Day 351: Happy Earth Day Earthlings.

I want to, like a good guest, thank my host for their hospitality.

Sometimes, after I get comfortable at a friends or family members home, I forget that I’m there as a result of their kindness and tolerance for me.

Me, in my underwear, rooting around their fridge, looking for the expensive cheese and organic juice, suggesting in a rather authoritative tone, what very specific show I want to watch on Netflix.

And they accept it.


The planet has always been a much grander version of this for me, a largely unappreciated host who provides me with absolutely everything.


With very little acknowledgement from me.

During a time when most of us are concerned for ourselves, it’s important to remember we’re guests here only.

One day, we have to go back to wherever we came from.

In the meantime.

It’s a beautiful day to be alive!

Happy Earth Day.





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