Day 362: Ode To The Moving Face Of Life.

I am darkness.

The origin of all things unknown and secret.

I am a flick.

A speck, weightless in the abyss of unimaginable vacancy.

I am the sun.

The orb of life, of light and transformation.

I am light, emitted to expression by the pressure of reaction.

A glowing force that dares breath to breathe.

I am a cloud.

A white passive vapor.

I twist and congeal with every temporary shape the wind marries me to.

I am the river by which the ocean grows.

I push the rock, carry the ice and move like a rapid through every beating heart there ever was.

I am a man who loves and hates.

Bound to craft, I forge my way to adversarial eye, with all things soft and raw.

I am a gesture, woven of timeless influence. Distilled through various expressions of matter.

A kind word baked from the center of an extinct sun.

I am a fearless breath above a still heart that moves past silent lips. I dissipate into the invisible ether, where all breath waits to breathe.

I am all things unchanged.

I am the darkness, the light and pure love.

The distinctions between you and I are inventions.

We and I have always been.

In order to understand what you are, you must first contemplate your relationship with every single thing imaginable.

There is nothing to fear.

…Except spiders.





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