Day 395: Jumanji.

I never thought traveling could provoke me into a political discourse, and yet here I bitch.

I feel obligated to apologize to you for reciprocating that provocation.

The nature of this blog is to represent and express my opinions while I pass through this world.

Being personally hijacked in the literal sense, has made me defensive and political.

Which, if I’m being honest has been a theme since Gabon.

I worry that my passion for exploration is being irrevocably damaged as a result of this, my cesarian push through Africa and the realities of Corona-India.

I am constantly editing myself to be more positive.

After three months of being unable to produce an honest piece of writing that maintains a happy theme, I’ve decided to abandon my predilection for positivity, and error instead where I am honest.

Lest I stop writing altogether.

All that to say, sorry if reading my blog bums you out.

Ok, let’s get started.


“I wished to acquire the simplicity, native feelings, and virtues of savage life; to divest myself of the factitious habits, prejudices and imperfections of civilization;… and to find, amidst the solitude and grandeur of the western wilds, more correct views of human nature and of the true interests of man. The season of snow was preferred that I might experience the pleasure of suffering, and the novelty of danger.”

Estwick Evens.

A Pedestrious tour of four thousand miles through the western states & territories during the winter & spring of 18

Very apropos Estwick, thank you.

The borders of Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are all closed.

Airports around the world are closed.

The borders within India are closed.

Trains, busses and rickshaws have all become invisible.

Looking for flights online is a 404 experience.

The gates to travel are locked ladies and gentlemen.

So, it’s a waiting game.

Yup, just gonna, y’know, wait.

Wait it out.

Wait wait wait.

For months.

The game of waiting.

Of course, those of you who have had the privilege of playing Settlers Of Catan with me can attest, if waiting was a real game I would have tried to change the rules already, or tried to change the rules.

I’m always looking for interpretation.

Not weakness necessarily, but points of contention.

I like games like Catan because social skills are a valuable equity, and if you’re playing with similar minded people, Catan can be a very creative six to nine hours

But this particular game is like Jumanji.

Once in it, you’re in it.

There are no margins for interpretation, that I have discovered anyway.

For interpretation to be a viable manipulation between myself and the police, they would have to know english.

I would have a better chance explaining to Sloth, from the Goonies what a twitch account is, than finding an Indian cop who understands the subtleties of english.

My social skills in India are as useless as a CareBear working the fry station at a In And Out Burger.

Fucking useless.

Maybe I’m not playing Jumanji.

Or Catan.

Maybe I’m playing some other game.

A simple game with simple rules.

Here goes nothin’;

Red Rover Red Rover Send Bobby Over.





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