Day 683: I’m Alive. Sincerely, Johnny Number 5.

Where was I?

Oh Yeah, I died and sudo Jesus was passively trying to exploit my expectations of control.

Yup, totally normal post.

Not at all indicative of a person needing expensive therapy.

Soon after I wrote post Day 418: The Paradox And The Colouring Book. Part 1, I decided to leave India.


If I stayed longer I would have had more and more trouble with the police.

It was inevitable.

Not to mention I would have learned a wind instrument.

Then purchased thousands of needy house cats.

Thus becoming the Joe Exotic of India.

In retrospect the lockdown in India feels like a dream.

I still mentally explore aspects of what happened in India 8 months later, except I suspiciously think my memory of the lockdown was brought on by an argument with drunk people, eating a entire wheel of brie then falling asleep searching horror movies on Netflix.

But I didn’t imagine it. I endured the weirdness of it.

At the end I smoked a janky Indian joint.

Danced in the beautiful Ganga one last time.

Shaved my moustache and sweet sideburns then, while still very high, booked a flight back to Canada.

The total process from smoking a joint to seat selection was less than three hours.

What eight months of retrospect, humility and a single profound realization revealed to me was that my experience in India was really a macro representation of contrast, compared to my first visit to India.

It took some time before I realized that both experiences were really in contrast to one another.

That my most current experience in India was in balance with what India was for me, a sublimely freeing and open culture.

I realized that together, both versions represent what India is.


The balance of all things.

I feel absolved by whatever negative emotions I had about India by acknowledging the larger relationship of my experience and the sacred balance of all things.

I’m grateful for having the time to reflect. This realization has brought me peace.

Make no mistake, I am very grateful for that particular chapter to have concluded.

*bobby exhales*





New lands and new adventures!

Let’s adopt a million cats together!

And play flutes and dance naked around fires as coyotes seduce crescent moons!





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